Micah xavier johnson

On the evening of July 7, 2016, approximately 800 demonstrators gathered in the streets of downtown Dallas to protest against the recent high-profile shootings of black men by police officers across the US. Micah Xavier Johnson approached the protest, spoke with police officers who were protecting demonstrators as they marched, and proceeded to open fire on the officers, immediately killing three of them.

Micah would end up killing a total of five officers, and wounding eleven during his rampage. Wounded and barricaded in nearby El Centro College, Micah taunted Dallas SWAT as they tried to negotiate with him. He said that he would only speak with a black officer, but even then would only ask the negotiator “how many he had killed,” and that “he wanted to kill some more” white officers. He confirmed that the shooting was in retaliation for the deaths of black men at the hands of the police.  

Micah had been an enlisted soldier in the Army, where he was considered a loner. He was honorably discharged after being investigated for sexual assault, and after he was moved to a different base, it was discovered that he had been hoarding stolen prescription pills and a grenade among his belongings.

Proposed motives for the ambush in Dallas ranged from the shooter’s outrage over police killings of black Americans, a history of alienation followed by PTSD acquired during a tour of duty in Afghanistan, to substance abuse and sexual identity issues, and finally to being a member of a black nationalist-separatist group. The Southern Poverty Law Center confirmed that he was connected to black separatist hate groups on social media. Micah’s path through radicalization could have led him to become politically active with Black Lives Matter and join peaceful protests against police brutality – but instead he chose to address his perceived wrongs through extreme violence.